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Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, or posted any photos.

My county has recently put an ordinance in place that bans all constrictors and venomous snakes.  They had to have passed this in the past few months, as this time last year they did not have such a regulation in place and when I was kicked out of my father's house in December they didn't have a law then, either.  I also checked the laws again a month or two after that.

According to a shopkeeper who is a friend of my mom's boyfriend, the same blonde cop that tried to tell me Bud was illegal when I took him to the vet was the same cop who pushed have this law put in place.  Luckily, the language in the law implies if they are provided with sufficient evidence that these snakes are not harmful, they will change the law.  For now, Bud and Cloud are illegal. >.>

Laws like these are completely unfounded as you are banning "dangerous" giant constrictors (note the quotations) snakes as well as harmless foot long snakes.  You are banning countless species.  Not for safety, not for the environment, but for your own ignorance and hate of these animals.  I would trust a Burmese python with my kid before I'd trust any dog or cat, and that's saying a lot because I'd never leave any animal unattended with a child.  The animal could harm the child, or the child could harm the animal.  They also pose no danger to the environment as they cannot survive the winter anywhere in the US outside the very tip of Florida and the only reason they are established there is because a breeding facility was destroyed during a hurricane in '91, releasing thousands of snakes.  It is *NOT* because of individual owners releasing their pets.  All the Burms caught in southern Florida can be traced back to that breeding facility.
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Cassandra Cooper
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I'm 19 and I mostly do photography, since I can't get motivated to draw. I especially love animal and nature photography. I prefer photos that show the true animal, or get as close as you can to the true animal. I usually don't like black/white or photoshopped photos, but a slight touch to the photo that still looks realistic can still be beautiful.

At the moment I own three snakes (Cloud Strife the boa constrictor, Bud the ball/royal python, and Draco the albino checkered garter snake) and 2 cats (Lucky and Tiger). While Sweetie was at my mom's, under her and her roommate's care, her roommate let her out. She's been gone since the end of May, and I doubt we'll ever get her back. So...she's gone forever.... We used to have two dogs; a Siberian husky named Yukon and a German shepherd named Samantha. Unfortunately, we ended up having to give them away due to several factors.

Although I rarely ever get on anymore, send me a note if you use duelingnetwork, and we can have a duel! :D I used to be pretty good, but I haven't played in months, and I wouldn't mind some practice. :P My username is IFiredMyParents.

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